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Apple iPhone X/Xs iPhone Case Genuine Leather Swivel Belt Clip Holster

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Blacksmith-Labs Barrett Mezzano 2017 Premium Oversized Genuine Leather Swivel Belt Clip Holster for Apple iPhone X/Xs for use w Apple Leather Case - Horween Chromexcel Lapis Black, Gunmetal Belt Clip

  • The Barrett Mezzano 2017 comes with an all metal precise swivel belt clip design - engineered to perfection with zero plastic part
  • Magnetic button flap retention, while preserving the classic look of the button stud
  • Each metal belt clip is hand assembled and qualified
  • Coupled with premium leather and precise stitching, the Barrett 2017 belt clip holsters are the most elegant holsters in the market for your iPhone
  • The Barrett Mezzano 2017 is for use with slim cases or cover only, such as Apple's leather case. For use with just the iPhone X, please look for the Barrett 2017 holsters.

Product description

Color:Horween Chromexcel Lapis Blue - Gunmetal Belt Clip

Built on the success of the original Blacksmith-Labs Barrett holster, the Barrett 2017 is an ultimate refinement of the iconic original design, in both functionality and craftsmanship.

The crown jewel of all the Barrett 2017 design updates is the completely re-designed all metal swivel belt clip. The new metal belt clip utilizes our new patent pending all metal spring-loaded swivel mechanism. The new rotating mechanism has smooth yet precise click that provides a distinct solid and luxury feel. The entire clip assembly is made of the same metal alloy for the ultimate durability against all elements. Every components are built with tight manufacturing tolerance, and all belt clips are hand assembled in order to pass our stringent quality control processes.

On the outside, the Barrett 2017 design maintains its design essence with the solid metal stud for the classic look that never goes out of style. Underneath the flap is a new magnetic snap for easy access while providing strong holding power to secure your device. The fundamental design of the holster body is maintained, with the same ultra fine stitching to enhance the classical elegance and gives an unmistaken look and feel of refinement.

The Barrett 2017 can only be used without any cases on the phone. Any slim covers, slim cases, dual-layer case, rugged cases, or battery cases would not be compatible.